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Crochet Pattern + Book Review: Mon Petit Violon Children’s Clothes

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Honest pattern and book review, helpful tips, yarn suggestions, and photos of Mon Petit Violon’s timeless crochet patterns made by myself.

The Mon Petit Violon Design Catalog

When I first began crocheting, I was primarily interested in making things for my kids. I quickly discovered the designer Mon Petit Violon and immediately fell in love the timeless texture of her patterns. No doubt, any of her designs will immediately join the ranks of being an heirloom piece of your little one’s wardrobe.

With over 181,000 sales on ETSY, you can expect tried and true patterns. From dresses to sweaters, theres over 270 patterns to choose from on Ravelry. The sizes generally range from newborn all the way up to 7-8 years old. Leaving endless opportunity for matching sibling outfits. All the patterns are written in English, using US standards as well.

You can find the patterns on Ravelry (my favorite, less fees for the creator), on ETSY or even in book form on Amazon!

Book Review: “Timeless Textured Baby Crochet”

As the title mentions, the book has 20 timeless, heirloom crochet patterns. The instructions included are for ages newborn til 4 years old.

Little secret, if you love one of the patterns in the book and want to make it for an older child, the patterns from the book are also available to purchase on ETSY or Ravelry and will include more sizes, usually up to 7-8 years old. I’m going to jump to conclusions and assume the reason the book only goes to age 4 is for space reasons. The instructions are incredibly detailed and well organized for each size and if the book had all the sizes it would be the size of a college textbook.

My Finished Objects

Patterns Pictured:

Truffle Ruffle Dress – from the book. Two pictured – white ruffle top with black outline (inspired by Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto) and blue ruffle with green outline.

Darling Dress – not in book. I extended the waist to make it look its a shirt with a skirt, using Purl Soho Morning. Inspired by Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins.

Are these patterns beginner-friendly?

If you feel intimidated by some of these patterns don’t be! If you have never crocheted a piece of clothing before, I highly recommend starting with a pattern from Mon Petit Violon. Kid’s clothes are small, making them less of a time and yarn commitment. Also, I love the intricate, ever-changing texture, keeping the project always interesting. The instructions are all extremely detailed and well organized.

I would categorize the difficulty level of the patterns in the book as eager beginner. I believe if you are comfortable with reading and following a written pattern, you can absolutely make any of the patterns in the book.

Yarn Suggestions

I recommend using a, light-DK weight, cotton yarn (can be 100% or a blend). Preferably something that is machine washable, because let’s face it kids are not known for cleanliness. I have loved using the following yarns:

Bernat, Softee Cotton ( DK / Light; 60% Cotton / 40% Acrylic; 120g; 232m (254 yds) )

Cascade, Ultra Pima Cotton ( DK / Light; 100% Mercerized Cotton; 100g; 200m (219 yds) )

Hobbii, Friends Cotton 8/6 ( DK, 100% Cotton; 50g; 105m (115 yds) )

Hobby Lobby, I Love this Cotton (DK; 100% Cotton; 100g; 165m (180 yds) )

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton DK ( DK; 100% Mercerized Cotton; 100g; 250m (273 yds) )

Paintbox Yarns, Cotton DK ( DK; 100% Cotton; 50g; 125m (137 yds) )

Purl Soho, Morning ( DK; 75% organically grown cotton / 25% yak; 100g; 191 yards (175 meters) )

Premier Yarns, Cotton Fair ( DK Light; 52% Cotton / 48% Acrylic; 100g; 290m (317 yds) )

Sidar, Happy Cotton ( DK; 100% Cotton; 20.g; 43m (47 yds) )

Universal Yarns, Bamboo Pop ( DK Light; 50% Bamboo / 50% Cotton; 100g; 267m (292 yds) )

Let me know in the Comments if there’s any yarns you have used and recommend for making kids clothes!


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