What I Crocheted for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour – My Lover Inspired Cardi

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Check out what I wore to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. I crocheted my cardigan inspired by the Lover album.

First of all, I am absolutely speechless, the concert was absolutely incredible. Taylor is so incredibly talented and is an inspiration for women.

Supplies Used:

Fairway Fibers: Cascata (70% SW Merino / 30% Mulberry Silk) in Iceberg. (3 skeins, 1,245 yds)

Purl Soho: Line Weight (100% single ply, Merino) in Clear Sky. (1 skein, 494 yds)

Purl Soho: Cattail Silk (100% Mulberry Silk) in Blue Bamboo (1 skein, 618 yds)

3.5 mm Crochet Hook


2023 has been the year of the hexagon cardigan for me. I’m currently working on my fourth. Changing each version slighly with different stitches, colors, etc. This one, I wanted a romantic, flowly, feminie vibe. So for the corner, increases I used puff stitches to resemble hearts.

The underarm, area is more cocoon like shaped, than the sharp L shape of the other cardigans I have made. This is because of how I did the increase in the corners, I did the following:

*puff st, ch-2, puff st*

Other hexagon cardigans I have made had a ch-3 increse instead of the 2. This was the look I was going for so do what makes you happy!

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Changing the Size:

The beauty of the hexagon cardigan, in my opinion, is that its ridiculously easy to change the size. As you’re making you can simply foild it in half and lay it against an exisiting piece of clothing that you like the fit of.

Need it bigger or smaller? simply add or take away rows.

Want it wider? add more rows to the back panel.

Longer? after seaming your two heaxagons, add more rows to the bottom of both.

The possibilities are endless!

Long Story, Short:

Traditional Hexagon Construction (make 2, fold in half and seam together).

Puff Increase = puff st, ch-2, puff st in the ch-2/corner space of previous row

Normal Row = double crochet across, increase in each corner

Mesh Row = *ch-1, sk st, dc* across, still puff increasing

Star Stitch Rows = two row, star stitch, still puff increasing in corners

Rows 1-14: Normal Rows

Change Yarns to Cattail Silk

Row 15: Normal Row

Row 16: Mesh Row

Row 17: Normal Row

Change Yarns to Line Weight

Rows 18-19: Star Stitch Rows

Change Yarns to Cattail Silk

Rows 20-22: repeat rows 15-17

Change Yarns to Cascata

Rows 23-28: Normal Rows

Rows 29-36: repeat rows 15-22, yarn changes as well.

Rows 37-42: Normal Rows.

I added 6 more, normal rows to the back panel where the two hexagons seam together to make it wider.

Cut yarn, seam together.

I hope this little blog post inspires you to go and create something unique as you are!


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