Cortez Cowl – Free Crochet Pattern

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Cortez Cowl Free Crochet Pattern. Beginner friendly one hank project!

Have you ever ventured into a local yarn shop and found the perfect hank of hand dyed yarn only to discover its either (a) super expensive or (b) there was only one hank left? Well this pattern is for you! 

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When traveling I love to find local yarn shops and buying hand dyed yarn inspired by the region of the country. I purchased this yarn while visiting Moab, Utah. It’s hand dyed by Wooly Lizard from Cortez, Colorado (hence the name). The colors immediately spoke to me but there was only one hank left in this color palette.

So I wanted to come up with a pattern that gives as big bang for the yardage of this one 100g hank of fingerling yarn.

To add more of a boho vibe I added the (optional) fringe. I love the look of a fringe but after working so hard to make it I don’t like the idea of seeing it fray and fall apart so I went with a unique style that doesn’t require cutting any pieces of yarn. Feel free to make a traditional fringe if you prefer!

Cortez Cowl – FREE Crochet pattern. Using only one hank of fingerling yarn!


  • -One 100g hank (or skein) of Fingerling yarn (#3)
  • -Size 7mm crochet hook
  • -Scissors
  • -Needle 

Finished Size: laying flat: 18”(h) x 14” (w)


  • -Chain (ch)
  • -Single Crochet (sc)
  • -Slip Stitch (sl st)
  • -Skip Stitch (sk)
  • -Stitch (st)
  • -Single Crochet 2 Stitches Together (sc2tog)
  • -Solomon’s Knot (SK)
FREE beginner friendly crochet cowl pattern.

Special Stitches:

  • Lovers Knot: aka Solomon’s Knot (LK): *sc, draw up 0.5” loop, yarn over and pull through, sc into back bump of loop* repeat and then sc in the middle of prev row’s LK. For a really great video tutorial:
  • Fringe: insert your hook into the stitch indicated by the pattern, single crochet, draw up a second loop and pull both loops until measuring 8” long. Then while holding the hook, with tension, twist the hook 15 times clockwise. Then fold the loops in half, allowing to naturally twist and single crochet into the same stitch. 

Let’s get stitching!

Ch 86, 

Sl st into 1st chain, making a loop, careful not to twist. 

Row 1: Ch 1, sc across with sl st into ch 1 

Place stitch marker on first ch and leave until fringe. 

Row 2: *Solomon’s Knot, skip 2 stitches and single crochet into the third stitch* repeat across until 1 st left, SK ending in the middle sc of first SK.

Row 3: *SK, skip 2 SK, sc into middle sc* repeat until end and SK in middle of the first st of previous row.

From this point, the scarf is worked in continuous round. 

Continue Solomon’s Knot pattern until there is about 20g yarn left 

FREE beginner friendly crochet cowl pattern.

Final rows:

  • sc in first stitch, *Ch2, sc in middle of Solomon’s knot* repeat until end then slip stitch in first sc. 
  • ch 1, *sc in first 3 ch then sc2tog* Cut yarn, tie off and weave in ends. 

Next we’re going to add a fringe to the bottom/original chain. 

(Optional) Fringe: insert hook into the first chain after your stitch marker.  *sc, pull up two 8” loops then turn your hook clockwise 15 times then sc in the same stitch, sc in next st* repeat until you reach the first fringe and sl st to join. Cut your yarn and weave in the ends. 

FREE Beginner friendly crochet cowl pattern.

Thank you so much for checking out my pattern! I hope you enjoyed making it as much as I did designing. I would love to see your finished work!

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