The Best Places to Buy Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn

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Is it just me but I have been seeing great deals for this coveted favorite yarn lately! I am not in the market for it currently but want to share great deals as I find them with you! I will update this post frequently as I find the latest good deals!

I will update this post frequently as I find great deals!

The Best places to buy Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarn. I am not in the market for it currently but want to share great deals as I find them with you! I will update this post frequently as I find the latest good deals!

If you are here then you probably already know how amazing this yarn is! The tube-like t-shirt construction creates a gorgeous stitch definition and a tough finish that holds up well to daily use. This yarn is beyond perfect, the problem is that it’s next to impossible to even find. The manufacturer’s website just lists everything as out of stock. The reason why they don’t prioritize making this yarn baffles me.

Over the years I have hoarded quite a bit of this yarn by swiftly searching the internet and stocking up on all the great deals. Well now, I have a ton of this yarn and I don’t need anymore which is why I want to help you find a great deal to make that trendy blanket you have been dreaming of!


Amazon has always been a hit or miss in terms of being a good deal. Currently, these 2-packs are an awesome price! Some colors are more than others and the single packs seem to be inflated.


This is a great deal on my favorite color, Steel Blue. As you notice, the more popular colors tend to be more expensive. Thanks to supply and demand.

eBay deals don’t tend to sit for long, so it’s worth checking frequently! A lot of times you can find an excellent deal from someone who’s looking to destash. The only thing to keep in mind when looking on eBay is that shipping usually isn’t included so factor that in when looking for a good deal.

Free Patterns

Boxed Bead Koozie

Boxed Bead Koozie and Tunisian Bow Coffee Sleeve. Both are free crochet patterns from my blog. They use a minimal amount of yarn and make really great items to sell at a craft fair.

Tunisian Bow Coffee Sleeve

A more affordable and available option…

Paintbox Simply Chunky yarn is an excellent alternative in my opinion. It’s soft, chunky, and incredibly affordable. Not to mention there are over 60 color options! This yarn will give you that dreamy squishy feel with a resilient stitch definition that will stand the test of time.

Each ball is a generous 149 yards of bulky/chunky 100% acrylic yarn. You can buy either one skein or convenient multi-packs for larger projects.

Another option that I always recommend is Yarn Sub. Conveniently search for any yarn and get incredible tips for substituting.

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