The Go For Faux Line Up Complete Review

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Lion Brand Go For Faux review of the classic, Sparkle and Thick and Quick. This review goes over the good and the bad of each of these 100% polyester animal-friendly yarns. In-depth descriptions and project ideas for each yarn!

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I just want to start with these yarns are gorgeous! The softness is incredible and as the name suggests feels just like fur. The colors are also gorgeous in all varieties. Ranging from realistic fur shades like chinchilla, trendy pink poodle, and even some neon shades.

My biggest disclaimer is that these yarns are not ideal for beginners. It can be very tough to see your stitches you have to be comfortable with feeling for your stitches. I recommend having a few projects under your belt before starting a project with these yarns. Given that the stitches are pretty much hidden it doesn’t matter what stitch you use on your project because it will quickly develop a cohesive fur-like fabric.

The Classic Lion Brand Go for Faux:

This yarn is really great for many reasons, the value of how many yards and the high-quality fur-like softness.

Here are the stats:

  • Size 6 Super Bulky
  • 3.5 oz / 100 g
  • 65 yards / 60 m
  • 4″ x 4″ Gauge: (Crochet: 8 sc x 8 rows w/9mm) (Knit: 11 sts x 12 rows w/9mm)

At first glance, this yarn appears to be very thin for a size 6 Super Bulky yarn. But once your start working with it, your stitches morph into a cohesive fabric with a much more bulky feel than you would initially expect.

Project Ideas:

In my opinion, you get a really big bang for your buck for this yarn. It works really great for borders on winter wear items such as hats, ear warmers, cardigans and even afghans. It only takes a few rows to provide that plush gorgeous look. It also works really great to make a cowl. I have personally made several cowls with this yarn as Christmas gifts for family and the end product is very lightweight and luxurious. Years ago, I did try to make an amigurumi puppy dog out of this yarn and did find it very difficult to use on projects with frequent increasing and decreasing of rows but at the same time, this yarn can be slightly forgiving for hiding missed stitches.

Lion Brand Go For Faux Thick & Quick:

Like the name says, this yarn is really thick. The first time I purchased this yarn was by complete accident… I recognized the Go for Faux label after recently seeing Mama in a Stitch’s gorgeous pattern for a coat and assumed it was the same yarn. Of course, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that this was the thick & quick and had far fewer yards than the classic version that the pattern called for. Although purchased by accident, it was a happy accident!

Here are the stats:

  • Size 7 Jumbo
  • 4.2 oz / 120 g
  • 24 yd. / 22 m.
  • 4″ x 4″ Gauge: (Crochet: 4 sc x 3.5 rows w/19mm) (Knit: 5 sts x 6 rows w/19mm)
You can crochet this last minute Christmas gift done in no time! Using only 1 skein of Lion Brand Go For Thick & Quick and a Speed Hook. Great gift or for craft fairs!
You can crochet this last minute Christmas gift done in no time! Using only 1 skein of Lion Brand Go For Thick & Quick and a Speed Hook. Great gift or for craft fairs!

Project Ideas: Thick & Quick:

I have made a simple cowl with it using only 1 skein and the end result was extremely warm and a little overkill for Florida winters. Check out the FREE pattern here! When I do wear that cowl, I always have multiple people ask if it’s real fur due to the luxurious thickness. If I lived somewhere where it was cold for more than 1 week a year, this yarn would be a staple!

The softness is incredible and would make a really great border for any hat or cardigan. One simple row would make a great border on any afghan.

The biggest downside to this yarn is just how few yards you get per skein. It would make an incredible blanket but the cost to make that blanket would, unfortunately, soar much higher than the cost of a store-bought counterpart.

Lion Brand Go For Faux Sparkle

I bought this yarn recently, sight unseen from Joann’s, and picked it up using their curbside services. This yarn is a great example of why sometimes buying new yarn online is a bad idea… I was intending to make a little coat for my daughter and thought the fun touch of sparkle would be super cute. But unfortunately, this yarn is extremely itchy. When my husband touched it, he compared it to fiberglass. A stark opposite of all the other Go For Faux yarns which are incredibly soft. After purchasing this yarn in the white “Star” color, I knew I should write this review just to help let others know what to expect from this yarn.

Here are the stats:

  • Size 6 Super Bulky
  • 3 oz / 80 g
  • 56 yd / 51 m
  • 4″ x 4″ Gauge: (Crochet: 8 sc x 8 rows w/9mm) (Knit: 11 st x 12 rows w/9mm)

Project Ideas: Go For Faux Sparkle:

I would not recommend using it on any garment. I’m wondering if this yarn becomes softer after washing. That being said I have come up with an idea for this yarn. I’m currently working on a C2C Blanket that says Baby’s 1st Christmas” and I think this yarn would make a great border for the blanket. It will also add some Christmas sparkle to the photos I plan on taking. It would be really great for any Christmas home decor project. I can see a really nice stocking cuff with it or edging on your mini tree skirt. You could also have a really fun kid craft by wrapping a styrofoam cone with it and making trendy fur Christmas trees.

I really hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to check out my FREE Crochet Patterns.

Read before you buy! Honest review and project ideas for Lion Brand's Go For Faux: Classic, Thick & Quick and Sparkle.
Read before you buy! Honest review and project ideas for Lion Brand’s Go For Faux: Classic, Thick & Quick and Sparkle.


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